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Seamless Corporation
"I want to thank you for your time and efforts providing Investor Relations for Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc. We were treated in a professional manner; we received better then expected results from you and your teams' efforts. I also want you to know that if I am provided the opportunity to recommend an IR company, I would recommend you and your company."
- Al Reda, CEO
Gibraltan Financial
"Your dedication and commitment will certainly take your company to new heights, as you continue to move forward and develop a solid reputation in the industry. We look forward to working with you for years to come. Thank you for the dedication and passion you have invested in the Companies we have worked together."
- Daniel Baldridge, President
1 Touch Marketing
"Working with is a pleasure. They get things done in a quick and efficient manner with a high level a quality. We have been working with Stockbully for some time now, and everyone on their team is professional and courteous. It is a pleasure to team up with them for all of our Marketing initiatives and look forward to continued success together."
- John Mastrangelo , Senior Account Executive
Baron General Capital, LLC
"Working with has been a great experience for me. I've been very pleased with their honesty and integrity and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for online exposure for their company."
- L. Joshua Eikov, Managing Director
Kaplan Asset Management
"I really enjoyed working with They kept their word as to what results I would get. Their pricing is fair and frankly was a bit less than the quotes I got from similar firms. The main point is that they delivered when I have heard of others who did not. I've been very pleased with their honesty, integrity and professionalism and would recommend them to anyone looking for online exposure for their company with positive results."
- Warren Kaplan, Managing Partner
Top 10 StockBully Breakouts of 2008
Symbol Start
VBLU 08/21/08 0.0350 0.2500 600.14%
ICBT 08/06/08 0.0080 0.0330 300.12%
VRED 06/18/08 0.0040 0.0100 150.00%
OTHM 09/22/08 0.0200 0.0500 150.00%
GTHR 11/12/08 0.1500 0.3000 100.00%
CETG 10/06/08 1.4000 2.7500 96.40%
AMKT 08/04/08 0.5500 1.0000 81.80%
CVCP 03/03/08 0.4000 0.6000 50.00%
SMWF 03/03/08 0.0500 0.0670 34.00%
SLTA 04/07/08 0.4900 0.6000 22.40%