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Axum Media Group, Inc.Axum Media Group, Inc.
Axum delivers the creativity and technical expertise to turn your ideas into increased business. Whether communicating with potential customers or current clients, it takes savvy communication skills to get your ideas across effectively and accurately. And with the vast number of media options available today, selecting the right communication tool could be the difference between successfully delivering your message or not. Axum's staff provides multimedia consultation, design and production services crafted to powerfully deliver your information and generate results. Based out of Orlando, Florida, we offer expertise throughout the United States in a wide range of areas, from marketing and advertising to independent film and web design.
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AlphaTrade is a digital media and marketing company specializing in creating networking opportunities to build your brand, sell more products, increase your web traffic and gain more attention for your company. AlphaTrade designs marketing programs that are at the forefront of new and innovative trends. AlphaTrade's clients are assured that each program is specifically designed to maximize results in the most exciting and engaging manner.
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RJR Consulting Group is a leading global Investor Relations firm that provides small, mid and micro cap companies with full suite of IR services and corporate communication strategies. RJR will work with your company to develop a comprehensive plan that targets the two essential sources of capital for any public entity: retail and institutional investors.
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Dr. Stock PickDr. Stock Pick
Dr. Stock Pick is a seasoned equity trader and financial investor well known for his savvy business instincts. He's on the Crown Equity Holdings, Inc (CRWE.OB) financial staff as a professional investment analyst and consultant. He's syndicated on over 1000 websites.
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Website TrafficWebsite Traffic
Webmasters helping webmasters develop high value relevant links. Promoting ethical web-marketing using the time trusted pillars of relevance and popularity.
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Monkey's Uncle Production, LLCMonkey's Uncle Production, LLC
Monkey's Uncle Production, LLC is a media production company specializing in creativity and based in Orlando, FL. Established in 2000 by owner/operator Trevor Brown, Monkey's Uncle Production, LLC completes any postproduction service from video and sound editing to graphics and web design. Monkey's Uncle Production, LLC is creative evolution.
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Kaplan Asset ManagementKaplan Asset Management
Kaplan Asset Management we provide a wide range of services for our clients, from Bridge loans (up to $800,000) to financial consulting services. The maximum length of our Bridge loan is six months, with an interest rate and a kicker. A kicker is: stock, warrants, or a percentage of future revenue. Our loans are custom designed for each individual client and all loans must have a personal guarantee by all principals along with posted hard collateral. For our loans we do not require any maintenance balance or ratios. We also provide assistance with acquiring additional financing here at Kaplan Asset Management. We will consult with your company to make it successful and profitable. Finally, at Kaplan Asset Management, we have over fifty years of experience and expertise that will be with you every step of the way. Our motto is: our business is to make your business succeed.
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Top 10 StockBully Breakouts of 2008
Symbol Start
VBLU 08/21/08 0.0350 0.2500 600.14%
ICBT 08/06/08 0.0080 0.0330 300.12%
VRED 06/18/08 0.0040 0.0100 150.00%
OTHM 09/22/08 0.0200 0.0500 150.00%
GTHR 11/12/08 0.1500 0.3000 100.00%
CETG 10/06/08 1.4000 2.7500 96.40%
AMKT 08/04/08 0.5500 1.0000 81.80%
CVCP 03/03/08 0.4000 0.6000 50.00%
SMWF 03/03/08 0.0500 0.0670 34.00%
SLTA 04/07/08 0.4900 0.6000 22.40%