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Kelyniam Golbal (KLYG)Kelyniam Global, Inc. is a balanced vertically-integrated company that services a vast array of clients across numerous fields and industries encompassing, but not limited to, medical, automotive, aerospace, jewelry, nautical and consumer products. The company specializes in the use of CADCAM technology with recent developments in the production of high precision replication of artificial bone implants for medical applications.

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MyECheck, Inc.MyECheck, Inc. is a leading electronic transaction processor and provider of alternative payment solutions utilizing a patented method of creating and clearing remotely created checks for exceedingly fast, secure and cost-effective payments. As the leader in Check 21 solutions and check image processing for online merchants, MyECheck provides merchants with financial access to more customers than any other payment method.

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Seamless CorporationSeamless Wi-Fi, Inc. started in 1999 as a high tech company publicly traded on the OTC Bulletin Board. The Company is a Las Vegas-based Internet business that develops cutting edge technologies to create and provide new and innovative products and services for both businesses and consumers. New and innovative Seamless products and services will provide economical, enhanced, simplified, and secure mobile communications.

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VerifySmart Corp. (VSMR)VerifySmart Corp. (VSC) has designed and developed a proprietary hardware/software solution that solves credit or debit card fraud by using a two-factor authentication. The Company's core offerings are designed to meet the needs of the security challenged transaction processing industry. Present day solutions, such as Verified by Visa, Chip and PIN, and CVV Code, have not reduced payment card fraud by any significant factor. The VSC solution has reduced fraud to zero in production pilots. The Company's proven and highly scalable solution is gaining worldwide attention and placing VerifySmart at the forefront of the fraud prevention revolution.

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Top 10 StockBully Breakouts of 2008
Symbol Start
VBLU 08/21/08 0.0350 0.2500 600.14%
ICBT 08/06/08 0.0080 0.0330 300.12%
VRED 06/18/08 0.0040 0.0100 150.00%
OTHM 09/22/08 0.0200 0.0500 150.00%
GTHR 11/12/08 0.1500 0.3000 100.00%
CETG 10/06/08 1.4000 2.7500 96.40%
AMKT 08/04/08 0.5500 1.0000 81.80%
CVCP 03/03/08 0.4000 0.6000 50.00%
SMWF 03/03/08 0.0500 0.0670 34.00%
SLTA 04/07/08 0.4900 0.6000 22.40%